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Urban Mischeif

URBAN MISCHIEF is a conscious Hip Hop group created in the Kings County otherwise known as Brooklyn New York.The five members of the group are HYPER, JOKER, KNOWLEDGE, MIKE BOOZE and APOLLO CREED.The group of five see themselves as one through their message, and their mission is to resurrect Hip Hop Music by bringing back a culture of peace and love.URBAN MISCHIEF released their mixed tape called (INHERITANCE) the name by which the group acknowledges all the Hip Hop Artists that came before them and creating a platform for them to stand on. INHERITANCE1. Awakening2. Resurrection3. The nation4. When it pours rains5. Meddlers6. Sour daze7. Mystery8. Transition9. Mello grind10. On and on11. Intellect12. Vision URBAN MISCHIEF started with HYPER and MIKE BOOZE just playing around and free styling then decided to take it seriously out of which they wrote the song Mello Grind.HYPER then called JOKER asking him if he wanted to join him and MIKE BOOZE in the group.URBAN MISCHIEF then became a group of three, sometime later HYPER overheard some people talking and heard one of them say that he will become a legend in Hip Hop so Hyper asked him to spit some lyrics HYPER liked what he heard and KNOWLEDGE became the fourth member of the group.As time went on APOLLO CREED who is a cousin of both KNOWLEDGE and MIKE BOOZE was encouraged to join the group with the blessing of HYPER and KNOWLEDGE.URBAN MISCHIEF then added APOLLO CREED who is the fifth and last member to join the group.
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